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URRR has conducted numerous riparian plantings throughout the watershead. The riparian zone is the area adjacent to streams. Plantings in these areas protect the health of the stream by filtering out pollutants, preventing erosion, and regulating the flow and temperature of the stream.
Clean-up Events
Upper Roanoke River Roundtable Projects
The Upper Roanoke River Roundtable is a volunteer-run organization. Our projects are all made possible by the dedication of individuals who want to make a positive change in our environment.

If you have any questions regarding our projects or would
like more information, please contact us:
We partner with several local organizations to host two clean-up events every year - Clean Valley Day and Fall Waterway Clean-up. For information on upcoming clean-up events, please click on "Events" at the top of the page.
The Roanoke Stormwater Division, Clean Valley Council and UR3 have partnered to create a citizen science water monitoring program.  As a volunteer you will monitor streams by taking samples of benthic macroinvertebrates to determine the ecological health for the section of stream that is sampled. 
Pet Waste Stations
Pet waste contains bacteria that can be washed into our streams when it rains. This bacteria is not only harmful to humans, but also to wildlife. Over the years, URRR has donated dozens of pet waste stations to localities. In fact, you've probably seen them in a  park or along the Roanoke River Greenway! We ask that you please be responsible pet owner and clean up after your furry friends.
Stream Bank Restoration
Rain gardens use native vegetation and soils to remove contaminants carried by stormwater runoff, reduce the volume of stormwater runoff, and improve the physical and biological integrity of receiving streams and water bodies by reducing stream bank erosion and negative effects on aquatic communities. Rain gardens also improve the aesthetics of an area compared to conventional stormwater management infrastructure.
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

 -Margaret Mead
Increases in water flow from upstream  development or other changes can create erosion and various other impacts to water quality and quantity. Stream bank restoration projects are intended to mitigate for those changes in order to improve water quality and prevent further negative impacts.
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